Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Making the most of quality meat fresh from the farm

A key part EBLEX’s work is to help businesses get the best possible returns through skills and knowledge transfer.

This has recently been illustrated by the production of a new 'Direct Selling Programme' leaflet which gives an overview of all the support that is available for farm shops and other businesses involved in direct meat sales.

So, what’s so special about our Direct Selling programme? Essentially, it provides information, advice and practical meetings for businesses involved in direct meat sales covering farm shops, farmers markets and box schemes focusing on meat quality and profitability.

As highlighted above, skills and knowledge transfer is an essential part of what we do and is carried out through a programme of direct communications with businesses involved in direct meat sales combined with practical events across England. Informative literature is, of course, an important element. So, what does it cover?

Well, just about everything you need to know, including information on use of new cutting techniques to maximise the value of the carcase and range of cuts produced. It also looks at factors along the supply chain that influence quality of meat produced, guidelines on legal requirements for meat labelling and setting up a cutting room.

Additionally, the overall programme provides free promotional support, plus information on marketing opportunities and how to set up a new meat retail business from scratch.

Abattoirs and cutting plants providing a cut and pack service for farm shop retailers can also benefit from detailed butchery specifications to prepare beef and lamb boxes for sale. Advice on meat quality, marketing via recipe booklets and EBLEX Quality Scheme and design and planning services for structural developments are also available to them. For more information please contact Diane Northrop on 01480 482981 email or click here.

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