Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Getting more people cooking with beef and lamb

Ah, university life. While students are well used to feeding their minds in the lecture theatre, when it comes to spending time in the kitchen, do they have much of a clue what to do?

Well there’s nothing like getting out there to find out, which is exactly what EBLEX has been doing as part of its ongoing campaign to get young people cooking five dishes before they reach the age of 25.

The 5by25 Meat Street Takeaway campaign has been busy touring universities throughout the country with Christian Stevenson, AKA FHM magazine food columnist and street food expert DJ BBQ, encouraging students to get cooking with beef and lamb. They are being invited to cook in a trailer – stocked with 60kg of beef brisket − on their campuses with the help of two ‘learn to cook’ stations.
Meat Street draws the crowds in
The aim? To show them how to get to grips with two simple versions of popular recipes – speedy lamb naansand stir fried beef noodles. The proof of the pudding − or in this case the succulent savoury dishes – is, of course, in the eating and they have certainly proved a hit with the nation’s leaders of tomorrow.

DJ BBQ and his team have been drawing large crowds, with positive responses including ‘I only ever used mince for spaghetti Bolognese, I never thought of using it for a stir fry,’ and ‘I tried cooking the speedy lamb naans and they tasted great!’

DJ BBQ helps get the message out about cooking with beef and lamb
Recipe features have also placed within online student publications to encourage people to visit the dedicated website,, along with the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages for further recipe ideas. Recipe videos for a Pulled Beef Brisket and Speedy Lamb Naans, featuring DJ BBQ and food blogger, Kate Gowing have also been produced for YouTube.

We’ve said it before but rain-fed pasture production system means we have one of the most efficient livestock production systems in the world and cooking is an essential life skill. Sure, not everyone wants to be a ‘foodie’, but understanding where our food comes from and how best to cook it is important.

We’ll keep playing our part in teaching youngsters about the importance of food, its provenance and how to cook tasty, quick and simple dishes with quality assured beef and lamb.

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