Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Showcasing Quality Standard beef and lamb at Europe’s largest agricultural show

What have a rural pub with its own livestock in the middle of Paris and around 600,000 people got in common?

No, it’s not the start of a bar room joke. There’s no punch line. The simple answer is a mutual interest in all things agricultural and good food − where it comes from and the best ways to cook it.

The SIA International Agricultural Show in Paris has this week certainly been living up to its billing as the biggest show of its kind on the European stage, with thousands of visitors flocking to the south west of the capital to attend the show.

Attracting wave after wave of visitors, young and old, the show's carnival atmosphere has certainly been keeping everyone thoroughly entertained. Auctions, live bands and as far as the eye could see, business delegates, families and groups of youngsters in particular have been taking a keen interest in looking at the livestock and learning about where their food comes from.

With so many visitors and a rainbow mosaic of stands, featuring everything from livestock to a food hall catering for all manner of tastes, it'd be easy to miss something. So, how do you stand out in what is ultimately a small city of gastronomy in what most accept to be the global centre of gastronomy?
Visitors head to the EBLEX stand at SIA
EBLEX's Rémi Fourrier and his team have put a huge amount of effort in, both pre-event and during the event to create a buzz around Quality Standard beef and lamb. Featuring livestock, a St George meat cuts display, EBLEX staff on hand to answer questions and lamb recipes on tap via on-stand video screens, visitors have been drawn in droves. Seeing is one thing, of course. Tasting the product is another and, with a dining area inside, it's easy to see why the EBLEX stand is so popular with visitors. During our visit chef Gilles Vallée served up dish after dish to those who dropped in, showcasing exactly what we have to offer. And judging by the empty plates, the product seemed to be clearly hitting the mark.

Video screens featuring lamb recipes

Chef Gilles Vallee serving up beef & lamb dishes to visitors
The stand also doubles up as an office with a meeting room for importers, wholesalers, retailers and butchers. It provides the perfect platform for EBLEX to maintain, renew, and develop contacts with professional organisations, official bodies and the press.
In a week where we revealed the volume of beef exports to France in 2013 were up eight per cent, the timing of SIA this year has been perfect. If you've got something good to say, no one's going to know unless you shout about it. Telling potential customers about Quality Standard beef and lamb is no different. And where better to say it than on Europe's biggest agricultural stage.

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