Friday, 22 May 2015

Offering convenience to farmers through the Herd Management Calendar

There are an awful lot of things a farmer needs to remember, from vaccinations, to BPS forms, to forward buying feed.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it. So last year the EBLEX BRP Flock Management Calendar was developed for sheep producers to use; they simply had to enter in their lambing date or tupping date to get a weekly reminder of tasks that were due.

Following the success of this resource, a brand new one for beef farmers has been produced – the Herd Management Calendar. And it was launched this week at Beef Expo.

It’s very easy and free for farmers to use. The key production tasks are set by entering either a calving or service date. Users are then emailed a reminder of key tasks to help herd management.

There are an array of pre-set tasks and producers can add in their own bespoke items into the calendar; this might be to record when a task was completed or an extra job. Reminder emails are sent every Sunday, with details of up-and-coming tasks, although producers can unsubscribe from these emails at any time if they want to.

An unlimited number of groups with different calving or service dates (spring calving, autumn calving etc) can be added, which makes the calendar ideal for every size of herd and an array of different production systems. And when a group is added, it creates a specific calendar linked to calving or service date.

The aim of the Herd Management Calendar is to offer convenience to farmers, as we recognise the need for it in an industry where there is so much to think about seven days a week. In fact, convenience is the key factor in a lot of the resources that EBLEX have made available.

There is the EBLEX mobile app, which is essentially a condensed version of the website that offers the latest market prices, BRP publications, news, events and video content at the touch of a button. We recognised that rural internet connections can be poor, so have developed the app so that it can work offline.

There are also our teleconferences, which enable farmers to phone in and hear expert advice from carefully selected industry representatives. We know it’s not always practical to leave the farm to and get to one of our meetings, and the teleconferences mean that producers can call from their office, kitchen or even tractor!

So convenience is king, and the calendars are the latest testament to this. There has been some great feedback from the producers that have already used them so far. So why not take a look and sign up, it’s a useful tool, simple to use and best of all, free!

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