Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beef & Lamb TV keeps industry in the picture with key information

Digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in how AHDB Beef & Lamb communicates with levy payers. This week’s guest blogger, AHDB Beef & Lamb Media Officer, Ben Coates, highlights the latest milestones and how we’re reaching as wide a levy payer audience as possible.
Media Officer, Ben Coates

Last weekend Beef & Lamb TV, our YouTube channel, passed the 100,000 mark in terms of video views, illustrating the growing importance of video as an industry communications tool.

Almost 50,000 of those views have been since January 1 this year, reflecting the growing amount of content we’re producing for levy payers and the wider industry. The weekend also saw the channel top the 500 subscribers mark.

Importantly, it reflects the growing and varied amount of content we are creating. From technical how-to clips and coverage of industry events, to market and industry information updates, there is clearly a strong appetite for what is being produced.

Video has universal appeal and provides an easily digestible format for viewers to access key information at the touch of a button. After all, I’m sure most of us have turned to YouTube to find out how to do something or catch up on what’s been happening at an event. The Beef and lamb industry is no different.

So, what has Beef & Lamb TV brought to the table? The simple answer is a one-stop showcase of what we’re doing for and with the industry to help enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English beef and lamb sector.

I work with AHDB Beef & Lamb’s Better Returns Programme (BRP) and knowledge transfer teams to generate ideas for technical clips. The wider communications team works with service areas across the organisation on a number of projects and often this throws up suggestions for new video content.

Our channel has also benefited from celebrity appearances, with Countryfile’s Adam Henson making a cameo at Beef Expo earlier this year. Temple Grandin has also graced the screen with key technical information.

Beef & Lamb TV also provides a great opportunity to shout about the work we do. Not everyone has a full understanding of the breadth of our work, such as trade development, exports, consumer marketing and knowledge transfer. 

Much of this work is summed up in Bitesize – our monthly video round-up show which gives a five minute summary of the industry. An infomercial produced by the Islam Channel has also been hosted on Beef & Lamb TV and performed really well with viewers who have an interest in this specific sector.

The key is maintaining this regular flow of easily accessible content which is relevant to our core audience to maintain a successful level of engagement. Viewers can also access our videos via the Beef & Lamb Lite app (available on Apple and Android). 

As I mentioned earlier the stats are encouraging. The 50,000 views since January 1, for example, equate to 124,000 minutes watched, which means that on average Beef & Lamb TV is being watched for more than 7.5 hours each day.

We will continue to add new content regularly which can of course be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Acting as a forum to ‘Ask AHDB’ we are also planning to offer delegates to the AHDB Beef & Lamb Annual Conference on November 3 the chance to voice their thoughts and questions to us via video.

By working directly with the industry in this way, we will continue to produce the content levy payers want, not only to help out with practical advice and technical information, but also to ensure they are fully aware of the work we are doing on behalf of the sector in the domestic and global markets.

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