Thursday, 3 September 2015

The ‘Scrum Downer’ – the ultimate Rugby World Cup beef snack

This week’s guest blogger Hugh Judd, AHDB Beef & Lamb’s foodservice project manager, knows all too well about the pressures staff are under when eateries screen high-profile sporting events. Here Hugh outlines how rugby fans can ‘scrum down’ with the ultimate world cup half-time snack.

International sporting competitions are no longer just the part of the day when dads have sole right to the remote control and arm chair. They are now full blown social occasions, with food and drink right at the heart of them.

Think of Wimbledon and you’ll soon mention strawberries and cream, American baseball on TV might have you reaching for a hot dog, while the Football World Cup in 2014 provided people across the country with the perfect excuse to host a Brazilian-inspired barbecue.

The Rugby World Cup will be no different. In 15 days pubs up and down the country will be turning on their large TV screens as the first match gets underway. Friends and families alike will make the journey to their local pubs and bars as they back their national side. However, for people working in foodservice, when that half-time whistle blows the real work begins.

Getting the right half-time snack is key to pleasing customers and staff alike. Chefs need something tasty that is easy to prepare but can still offer good profits. This is why we have created the Scrum Downer.

Developed as a perfect half-time snack, the Scrum Downer is a hot beef sandwich made from tender, succulent ‘Thin Cut’ beef steak.

The Thin Cut range has been developed by our New Product Development (NPD) team to maximise the use of the carcase, increase profitability throughout the supply chain and yield a more consistent end product. Produced from cuts which are traditionally only used for stewing or other slow-cook methods, thin cut beef steaks provide operators with a fantastic opportunity to profit.

The range’s great taste and easy cooking comes from its unique style - the steaks are cut no thicker than five millimetres and are fully denuded, with no fat or gristle. This also makes the range versatile enough to be used for a number of other dishes, from wraps, to fajitas and stir-fries.

For those wanting to make the perfect Scrum Downer then look no further than Tender Top steaks. I recommend serving the Tender Top in a buttered soft bun or crusty roll with a choice of mustard or horseradish. Requiring no specialist skill or equipment to prepare, the Scrum Downer is an easy to prepare and cost-effective option.

Though the Scrum Downer has been developed with the Rugby World Cup in mind, wider work into the thin cut category remains a priority for our trade marketing team. Detailed consumer research into the range showed that there was a real opportunity to create a distinct positioning for thin cut steaks that clearly differentiates them from traditional steak ranges - with shoppers summing up their thoughts towards them in three words: tasty, easy, quick. The Scrum Downer offers that distinct positioning, whilst making the product relevant to shoppers and trade alike. 

If you want to discuss the thin cuts range in more detail, or want some information on how you can use the Scrum Downer visit our trade marketing website

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