Thursday, 3 December 2015

What can AHDB Beef & Lamb do for you?

The diversity within the livestock sector in England is great, which makes communicating with our levy payers a constant challenge. We aim to utilise multiple channels to allow us to reach the maximum number of people to update them on what we are doing, push technical messages, pass on market information – and everything in between.

Through these routes, such as articles in the farming press, websites, events, social media, newsletters, briefings and the like, we routinely include contact details and encourage engagement with us on the issues that matter to you, where we can help most and what emerging issues are affecting you.

However, with the ongoing changes at AHDB generally, and our-rebranding from EBLEX in the summer, we have embarked on an even wider consultation with industry to hear directly from levy payers about what you want from us and where we can add most value.

The activity review meetings across England kicked off this week in Kendal, Cumbria. They continue in Cambridgeshire on December 7, York on December 8, Exeter on December 9, Cheltenham on December 15 and Hampshire on January 12. All levy payers are welcome to come along to their nearest event to have their say on what we are doing well, what needs more work and where you would like to see money spent to help you build a better business.

They are part of a wide-ranging activity review by AHDB, covering its beef and lamb, pork, dairy, potatoes, cereals and oilseeds, and horticulture sectors to encourage debate on future activity.

As AHDB chief executive Jane King said: “We want to listen to what farmers, growers and our supply chain believe will help their businesses to make the most of future opportunities and meet the longer term challenges.

“Whether this is extending our monitor farm work, funding applied research, looking at increased market development, or pooling resources to attract additional funding from external sources, we need the input from our levy payers to support our sector boards in their strategy decisions.”

We have done our best to ensure there is a spread of meetings around the country so there is one near(ish) to you, but we are limited to the number we can do and the time of day they can be done. We are sorry if there is not one that is convenient for you. However, there is a quick online survey to capture your views.

Feedback will be collated and shared with AHDB’s sector boards to help inform their discussions, as part of the business planning process, on where resource should be focused and what will deliver most impact for levy payers.

We will continue to communicate with you through all the channels we can and we welcome your feedback. A two-way dialogue is the best way to ensure we are driving the industry forward together.

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