Monday, 30 March 2020

COVID-19: our priority is helping to support you in getting food on tables

From Will Jackson, Beef & Lamb Sector Strategy Director

The current situation with the spread of COVID_ 19 around the globe and the measures in place to slow its spread are unprecedented. They have filtered into every aspect of our lives. At AHDB, we are adapting the way we work and listening to what producers and processors need to ensure we channel resources to where they are most needed.

We are, quite obviously, unable to run events at the moment so all have been postponed until at least June 30. However, as many as possible we are trying to take online and offer as webinars to continue our knowledge exchange work. You can find out the latest information on our events pages.

A dedicated coronavirus/COVID-19 section of the AHDB website has been created. This pulls together FAQs, latest information and links to relevant resources, as well as links to latest external stakeholder advice. It also signposts some of the latest information and analysis from our market intelligence teams to aid business decisions which need to be made during the challenges we currently face.

I would definitely encourage a two-way conversation on what can help you most at all times, but perhaps now more than ever. This will certainly help shape our activity and how we direct resources. However, we must always ensure that this limited resource is being directed in a way that gives best value and is in line with what people want.

Our priority currently is on helping producers and processors with day-to-day business. There is a national emergency and doing all we can to support those getting food to shelves in-store is where our focus is. This remains an evolving issue and we are reviewing daily what we are doing and where resource is focused.

We are supporting consumers by re-purposing and highlighting again existing resources, in particular around things like cooking on a budget and batch cooking. These are being highlighted through our consumer social media channels on Facebook and Instagram @simplybeefandlamb

To support the network of farm shops, butchery and food businesses working round the clock to make sure their customers and local communities get the food they need, we are producing free packs of pork, beef and lamb recipe cards that can be accessed along with a suite of free social media graphics online .

Our work goes on despite the current difficulties and we will continue all we can do to support you and your business. Our priority at this time needs to be on those actions that help us to help you get food to the table for families across the UK.

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