Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Understanding what customers want to drive sales

Retailing strategies are underpinned by understanding what consumers want in order to stimulate demand and deliver customer satisfaction. Central to this is identifying what influences shoppers to choose one particular product over another to help refine marketing and promotional activity and, ultimately, improve sales.

 Part of EBLEX’s role is to help stimulate demand and deliver customer satisfaction, and the findings of a new report commissioned by us are aimed at achieving just that. The Shopping Decision Process for Meat has shown that nearly a third (31%) of meat sales are driven by appearance of the product. Price accounted for 23 per cent of purchase decisions, followed by the type of cut (11 per cent).

And the figures for decisions on purchases of cuts make for interesting reading. Beef mince is most frequently purchased, with 62 per cent of shoppers buying it once a week or more, with appearance (29%) and price (22%) the key purchase factors. The report also found that appearance (46%) was the key factor in the purchase of beef roasts, while appearance (34%) and price (22%) were again the main drivers behind purchases of beef steak.

Similarly, appearance (21%), cut (21%) and price (20%) featured as the main drivers in purchases of lamb roast. Figures for lamb chop purchases revealed that 58% of shoppers buy them weekly or more often.

 What does this tell us? Only when we know what influences consumers can we effectively improve delivery of meat offering and how we sell it. The report provides a valuable overview of purchasing behaviour in supermarkets and what prompts shoppers to choose one particular meat cut in preference to another.

The EBLEX trade marketing team has been taking this out on the road and discussing with retailers and had a positive response. It is a seen a useful resource with detailed insight to help them shape their red meat offering in store.

We hope that by working together and providing resources like these, we can continue to drive growth in the red meat sector.


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