Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How does EBLEX spend its levy money?

Did you know that the £45,000 our trade marketing team spent on product development work in the last financial year resulted in £88 million potential annual growth in the beef and lamb retail market? Or that our £1.2 million investment in market intelligence during the same period led to the publication of free weekly and monthly market updates worth £8.75 million to the industry?

These figures and plenty more examples demonstrating the return on investment of certain key EBLEX activities can be found in our 2012/13 Annual Review, which has just been published.

As a levy-funded organisation, it’s important that we demonstrate to stakeholders that we’re offering value for money and fulfilling our objectives of helping the English beef and sheep meat supply chain become more efficient and adding value to the industry. Due to the breadth of activity that we’re responsible for, and the range of producers and processors we represent, it’s likely that the majority of levy payers are only aware of a fraction of what we do, which is why the Annual Review is such an important resource.

While the AHDB Annual Report gives top-line figures showing what has been spent across different areas of the organisation during the financial year, the Annual Review is designed to complement this by giving more colourful, real-life examples of how levy money has been used.

The review will be distributed to members of the Better Returns Programme (BRP) with the next bulletin, which will be issued in early November. It is also available online at Alternatively, hard copies can be requested by calling 0870 242 1394 or emailing

If, after reading the review, you’re still keen to know more about what EBLEX is doing, we’ve got a number of events coming up which will help you find out. The EBLEX Annual Conference, which is free for levy payers, is taking place on 5th November in Warwickshire. With a busy agenda looking at the changing face of red meat retailing in a global marketplace and opportunities in the beef and lamb sector, it’s set to be an engaging day.

In addition, our regional team are in the process of organising a series of open meetings, due to take place around the country over the next few months. Details are still in the process of being confirmed, but keep an eye on the events section of our website for more information.

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