Thursday, 5 June 2014

EBLEX injects Samba style into cooking with beef and lamb

It won’t come as any surprise that the World Cup and, weather permitting, barbecue season are just around the corner.

Whether you’re a footy fan or not, you can’t have escaped the bombardment of news and information about Brazil over recent months and weeks. So, what better time to discover how to barbecue Brazilian-style with Quality Standard beef and lamb.

Marketing these ideas to the widest possible consumer audience is one of EBLEX’s key areas of work, helping stimulate demand for beef and lamb with innovative ideas on how to cook with it. And with a Samba step forward the EBLEX Quality Standard Meat Elite programme has swung into action.

Last week saw the first event kick-off the programme, with TV chef Andy Bates introducing national journalists to Brazilian BBQ Tapas and Brazilian-style barbecuing, as well as giving an insight into current trends and spices from Brazil. It follows a similar approach to the Rosbifs Club in France where chefs, journalists and other industry professionals across the Channel look at the most innovative ways of cooking with Quality Standard beef.
More than 20 journalists attended the Meat Elite event in Kensington, introduced by EBLEX’s Hugh Judd, where Andy demonstrated three recipes inspired by recent travels to Brazil. It included picanha roast portions with hazelnut salsa, spiced rustic lamb chunkies and tapas-style breaded brisket. EBLEX recipes featured at the event included barbecued steaks with lime, tomatoes and anchovies, lamb cutlets with creole mojo sauce and mini Anticuchos beef skewers.

Spiced rustic lamb chunkies
Why hold the event? While it’s hard to improve on a great product like QSM beef, lamb but there are always new and exciting ways to be explored on how to get the best out of it. Not only did the recent event introduce new ideas to journalists whose opinions ultimately influence the consumer, it highlighted how best to use cuts such as the picanha and lamb chunkies that may not have immediately leapt to mind beforehand.

So whether you’re planning on cooking up a spicy treat during the month-long festival of footy or just kicking back to enjoy what we hope will be a glorious summer, keep an eye out for more tips on cooking Brazilian-style and more great recipe ideas over the next couple of months.

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