Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New campaigns aimed at getting people to eat more beef and lamb

It’s been a good year for spring lamb. Thanks to a mild winter in 2013, producers have seen a good crop of lambs which have been coming through to market over the last month and are expected to reach market peak over the next few weeks. 

This is good news for consumers who are seeing high quality product on the shelf, giving good value for money. To help make sure shoppers are making the best of these conditions, EBLEX has launched a new TV ad campaign to promote the midweek mini roast – with the tag line: ‘Why wait ‘til Sunday?’

The first ad was broadcast yesterday on ITV1, and it will continue to air across the nation over the coming six weeks. The humorous adverts are scripted to strike a chord with families and couples, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

And it’s not just mainstream television that is carrying the mini roast message, as the campaign is set to give the digital world a good roasting too! Renowned chef
Andy Bates has filmed four quick and easy mini roast recipe videos which will be used in a digital advertising campaign and on the Simply Beef and Lamb website.

So, as well as encouraging the good people of this nation to buy English beef and lamb, we’re helping to ensure they have the inspiration and knowledge to give mini roasts a go and make their midweeks a bit more exciting during the autumn and winter months.

Anyone that misses the TV or digital campaign may still find themselves tempted by a mini roast when they visit their local butchers, thanks to a
bumper point-of-sale kit which is being sent from EBLEX to all Quality Standard Mark (QSM) member butchers. The kits are designed to promote QSM beef and lamb in store, and market the ‘carvery’ range of mini roast cuts to customers.

For those who prefer to try their own hand at butchery, EBLEX trade marketing executive and butcher, Martin Eccles, has demonstrated how you can create no less than five mini roasts from a single leg of lamb on our video channel, EBLEX TV.

Running parallel with the midweek mini roast campaign is a separate one aimed at getting students to experiment with lamb. Known as LambSoc, this campaign is aimed at developing an online community of 18 to 25-year-olds, creating videos with popular YouTubers, based on EBLEX’s initial
lamb keema recipe.

It will also encourage students to post videos and photos of their efforts and share content to spread the word. It is aiming to achieve 20,000 likes on Facebook and 500,000 video views across all channels by next April.

LambSoc is set up in the style of a society that students might join at their unions and has already attracted nearly 4,000 people to the community through online channels such as
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

In recent years, lamb has been seen as a luxury meat in the UK, but the aim now is to highlight its availability and versatility. The co-ordinated EBLEX campaigns are aimed squarely at getting it, along with high-quality beef, on more dinner plates more often, over the coming months.

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