Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to make the most of the your beef

Helping people really value the beef they buy is key to long-term healthy sales in the sector. If it is seen as something that is easy to pitch into the bin, it becomes simply another disposable commodity with huge wastage. At the other end of the scale, if it is seen as too expensive with little flexibility, it prompts consumers to turn to other proteins for meal solutions.

So, demonstrating the versatility of beef and cutting back on waste have a long-term role in the success of the beef sector. It is therefore fantastic to see the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign, from WRAP, shouting this message in the current Make The Most of Your Meat activity.

Using beef as a focus because of its versatility, but with the messaging being relevant for all meat, they have been working with TV’s favourite farmer, Adam Henson, to bang home the message about cutting waste and looking at what to do with leftovers.

Every year, households in the UK throw away 34,000 tonnes of beef – equivalent to 300 million burgers. Beef is not the meat most wasted as it remains relatively expensive. Mince and burgers account for a significant proportion of sales and they generally create less plate waste. However, there are still plenty of things we can all do to cut the amount we throw away and make the most of leftovers from the Sunday roast.

At a time when the population is growing and the demand for protein is following suit, we can make progress towards meeting any shortfall by simply being more careful with the meat produced – wasting less of it.

Love Food, Hate Waste is urging people to share hints and tips to highlight simple solutions to help them to make the most of their meat, enjoy it at its best, value it more and waste less. Our own consumer brand, Simply Beef & Lamb has been backing the cause, tweeting handy recipes that make the best of leftover beef.

Key drivers include:
  • encouraging people to value meat and in particular beef
  • getting people to value the time, care and energy used to provide the perfect cut of beef from farm to fork
  • reconnecting people with their food
  • giving people the knowledge, skills and confidence to change their behaviour so that they can reduce food waste and save money
  • increasing awareness of the amount of meat that goes to waste every single day from UK homes and the savings associated with this. 

We are in a position envied by other protein sectors. All the evidence shows people love the product we produce. Beef is consistently among the nation’s favourite meats and the roast dinner is a symbol of Britishness and still a staple on tables across the country – despite the best efforts of JD Weatherspoon!

Beef is sustainably produced in our country, making the best of our natural resources. Grazing cattle turn swathes of agricultural land useful for nothing more than growing grass into protein for a growing population. It is naturally rich in protein, low in sodium and provides essential vitamins and minerals, contributing towards good health and wellbeing.

Let’s do all we can to get behind the #meatyissues campaign and ensure that our beef is valued by consumers both at home and across the globe.

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