Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Serving the industry through the AHDB Beef & Lamb Board

Next April will mark the end of my tenure as a member of the AHDB Beef & Lamb board, which sadly means it will soon be time to hand over the reins to someone new. My six years as a board member (two full terms) have given me the opportunity to play a part in shaping the direction of AHDB Beef & Lamb during a time of great change for the organisation and has also given me further insight into areas of the beef and lamb industry that I wasn’t so familiar with before.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss a varied agenda and make decisions on strategic direction. At recent board meetings we have discussed the organisation’s new draft three-year strategy, consumer research to help inform what we produce, a variety of technical projects and the issues surrounding Brexit – you can get a flavour of what’s discussed by watching the board summary videos on our YouTube channel.

As one of the processor representatives on the board, I believe I’ve been able to give this part of the industry a voice when important decisions need to be made. AHDB Beef & Lamb works on behalf of the whole supply chain, therefore it’s important that the board consists of a representative mix of farmers and processors.

Some of the key projects I have been most proud of during my tenure have included improving our engagement with the multiple retailers and also several projects which aim to improve the use of on-farm data. I am about to be involved in organising some workshops to brainstorm future business models with our technical team.
I am writing this blog to encourage other processors to apply for the role, as it has given me some great opportunities to work with some passionate and motivated people who all have the same goal – to benefit the English beef and sheep industry.

The lessons I have learned from being on the board have not only helped me to reflect on my own organisation, but also enabled me to voice my opinion on key issues that have important repercussions, not just for this industry, but also for society more broadly.

Good luck with your applications!

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